<transcy>Frequent questions</transcy>

What is the price of the shipments?

⭐︎ We have 2 types of shipments

$ 150 takes 4-7 days to arrive

$ 175 takes 1-3 days to arrive

$ 55 home deliveries in the ZMG (check the coverage here )

We have deliveries at drop-off points free in Guadalajara

Do you make refunds?

⭐︎ We do not make total returns, we only make size changes.

If you want to know more, click here

If you require one write us to our Instagram (@almondcocoboutique)

Where are the drop-off points in Guadalajara?

⭐︎ We have drop-off points in Andares, Centro Sur, Centro Magno, Oblatos, Providencia, near La Autónoma, near Plaza Terranova.